CAMAC 48-Bit Discrete Input Module

The 3495 is a single-width CAMAC module provides an interface between discrete input signals and the CAMAC Dataway, allowing the computer to monitor switch-action type devices (high threshold option) or TTL level signals (TTL option).

Each input bit is a signal pair (one-sided, grounded in the module). The signals are brought into the module via two 50-pin, "D", front-panel connectors.

CAMAC 48-Bit Discrete Input Module: 3495

3495 Data Sheet

Supporting Chassis

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CAMAC Module Features

  • 48-Bits of Discrete Input
  • Options for High Threshold or TTL Signal Levels
  • Data Strobe for Simultaneous Update of Read Register

CAMAC Module Ordering Information

3495 Products and Part Numbers
48-Bit Discrete Input, HTL Inputs
50P "D" Connector
48-Bit Discrete Input, TTL Inputs
50P "D" Connector