VXI Fiber Optic Grand Interconnect PCI Host Adapter

The KineticSystems Grand Interconnect interface provides a fiber optic connection between a PCI-based host computer or workstation and one or more VXI or CAMAC mainframes to provide a high-throughput, deterministic data acquisition and control system.

The fiber optic based Grand Interconnect system supports distances between nodes up to 2 km (6,560 ft) with an I/O throughput up to 10 MB/s. A complete Grand Interconnect system includes a 2962 fiber optic FOXI host adapter, up to 126 V160 VXI fiber optic slot-0 controllers and/or CAMAC (IEEE 583) crate controllers, and a fiber optic cabling highway.

VXI Fiber Optic Grand Interconnect PCI Host Adapter: 2962

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The 2962 Grand Interconnect Host Adapter is a single PCI (Peripheral Component Interface) card which provides the interface between the PCI bus and the Grand Interconnect highway. Communication between this adapter and the host computer is via a 32-bit data path that is used to configure the system and initiate highway operations. A DMA (direct memory access) mechanism is incorporated to transfer data over the highway using 32-bit data transfers. The 2962 supports PCI DMA transfers, yielding a 20 MB/s burst transfer rate.

Data transfers to and from a VXI or CAMAC mainframe are executed in a pipeline mode. These transfers will occur at the full 10 MB/s highway speed if both the source and destination can maintain the data rate. When transferring data to and from a CAMAC chassis, the 2962 provides the Q-Ignore, Q-Stop, Q-Repeat, and Q-Scan modes of operation.

The 2962 contains a 2048-word FIFO memory that stores asynchronous demand messages received from a V160 Slot-0 controller. These demand messages are generated from an interrupt in a VXI chassis or from a LAM (Look-At-Me) in a CAMAC chassis. The demand data identifies the chassis that sourced the demand message as well as the source of the interrupt or LAM within that chassis.

The Grand Interconnect Highway Driver includes a command processor to execute a preloaded list of Interconnect operations. This list of operations is read from a 32K x 32 RAM memory and then executed. Command processing may be initiated by software control or by an internal, crystal-controlled, programmable counter/timer. The timer provides for the selection of triggering rates from 0.06 Hz to 500 kHz in 1 μs increments. Multirate data acquisition can be accomplished by including inner and outer loops in the command list. These loops can be nested to 16 levels. The 2962 uses host computer memory to implement multi-buffer functionality. The multi-buffer activity includes DMA data chaining and the setting of buffer segment flags.

VXI Module Features

  • Part of the Grand Interconnect Fiber-Optic Interface Bus System
  • Provides a PCI Interface for the Grand Interconnect System
  • Provides Link to Either VXI or CAMAC Based Systems
  • Uses Fiber-Optic Highway Transmission
  • Provides Full Throughput with a 2 km Maximum Distance Between
    Fiber-Optic Nodes
  • Provides up to 10 MB/s Highway Throughput
  • Provides up to 20 MB/s PCI DMA Burst Rate
  • Supports up to 126 V160 Controllers on a Single Highway

VXI Module Ordering Information

2962 Products and Part Numbers
Grand Interconnect Fiber-Optic PCI Host Adapter 2962-Z2A