Data Acquisition & Control Products

For more than 40 years, KineticSystems has provided solutions to meet demanding data acquisition and control requirements based on CompactPCI, PXI, VXI, and CAMAC standards. KineticSystems aims to evolve with new technologies while preserving the past to provide unparalleled long-term support.

cPCI/PXI Data Acquisition & Control Products View cPCI/PXI Products

The CompactPCI and PXI standards provide a modular architecture with integrated timing and synchronization between instrumentation to maximize system performance and accuracy. PXI adopted the plug&play software standards of VXI, and as a result, PXI systems are interoperable with VXI systems.

KineticSystems is a proud member of the PXI Systems Alliance and we continue to innovate with high performance cPCI/PXI solutions built upon our extensive VXI and CAMAC experience.

VXI Data Acquisition & Control Products View VXI Products

The VXI IEEE Standard 1155 was developed by major instrumentation manufacturers to allow systems to be configured with off-the-shelf modular instruments to meet specific application requirements.

KineticSystems is a proud member of the VXI Bus Consortium and is a leading supplier of VXI bus hardware, software and systems with the development of over 35 VXI modules for data acquisition and control.

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CAMAC, an acronym for Computer Automated Measurement And Control, is an IEEE Standard 583 for a modular, high-performance, real-time data acquisition and control system concept.

KineticSystems is a recognized leader in CAMAC IEEE STD 583 products. Since 1970, KineticSystems has provided CAMAC data acquisition products for scientific, industrial, aerospace, and defense test systems in more than 40 countries.