Aerospace Data Acquisition Application Case Study

Aerospace Data Acquisition Applications

VXI DAQ System for Hot Engine Gases Wind Tunnel Testing

Customer Case

A major airplane manufacturer was looking for a custom data system for a wind tunnel application. The specific application is for measuring hot engine gases. The data system provides system setup, calibration, auto-balance, data acquisition, checking of limits and "hooks" for the customer's LabVIEW software data displays. It is also the control and tunnel health monitoring system. Once data is recording, the model is moved for up to four seconds by a hydraulic system. Data recording stops, the system resets and the scenario is repeated for up to 20 times. Once these runs are complete, the data is transferred to the data analysis system and the model or wind tunnel conditions are changed and the whole process repeats. While the next test is running, the data from the previous test is analyzed.

KineticSystems Case Solution

KineticSystems developed a VXI based data acquisition system that met the customer's critical I/O requirements that include 96 thermocouples, 24 bridge channels and IRIGB Time code. Half of the thermocouple and bridge channels have a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. The most important channels are the 40 thermocouples in the inlet rake. The other channels scan at a sampling rate of 20 Hz.

The functionality of the KineticSystems DAQ Director software is ideal for this application, since it is prepackaged data acquisition software that operates under Windows and uses LabVIEW for the operator interface and for data analysis. The requirements for the functionality of the wind tunnel data acquisition system are well within the capabilities of the DAQ Director application. We also met all of the customer's signal conditioning and data rate requirements as well as the short delivery schedule of six weeks for an integrated system.

KineticSystems Case Recommended Products

The primary KineticSystems products used in this application are:

  • AC10 - DAQ Director Data Acquisition Software
  • V120 - FOXI VXI Slot-0 Controller with Fiber Optic Interface
  • V122 - FOXI PCI Host Adapter that Provides the Host Computer Interface for the V120
  • V195 - 13-Slot, C-Size, VXI Bus Mainframe Chassis
  • V213 - 32 or 64-Channel Scanning ADC with 2-Pole Passive Filters
  • V208 - 16-Bit, 100,000 Sample/sec ADC Subsystem Host for the V246 and V253 Modules
  • V246 - 8-Channel Bridge Signal Conditioner with 6-Pole Programmable Filters
  • V253 - 16-Channel, Programmable Gain/Analog Filter with 6-Pole Active Filters
  • V387 - 128-Channel Digital Input/Output

Aerospace Application Request

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your aerospace application in more detail with our engineering team. KineticSystems can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific aerospace application requirements.