Aerospace Data Acquisition Application Case Study

Aerospace Data Acquisition Applications

VXI DAQ System for Jet Engine Test Cell

Customer Case

The customer required VXI-based data acquisition systems as part of a test cell upgrade program for a major manufacturer of jet aircraft engines. These VXI data acquisition systems must meet the customer's requirements for high accuracy, high throughput and the ability to preserve existing application software while providing state-of-the-art replacements for existing systems.

KineticSystems Case Solution

KineticSystems provided VXI-based data acquisition systems that met the customer's stated requirements.

The VXI-based data acquisition test system includes 1,500 channels of signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion as well as frequency counter channels, digital-to-analog converter channels and discrete outputs. Each data system includes three VXI mainframes interconnected by our high-throughput fiber-optic Grand Interconnect (GI). The GI and its list memory serve as the data engine for this system. Data is acquired at 1000 Hz, 200 Hz and 10 Hz. An overall accuracy of several microvolts is required for the analog input channels. Our V243 and V208 modules, which include on-line calibration, meet this requirement.

A key strategy in these systems involves the use of reflective memory. The reflective memory is used as a data highway to other test stand systems. This can be considered to be common memory pool of data. With this configuration, other computer platforms also have access to the same engine data in a real-time mode. The reflective memory allows the customer to maintain their current application software, which has been developed over many years.

KineticSystems Case Recommended Products

The primary KineticSystems products used in this application are:

  • V160 - Grand Interconnect VXI Slot-0 Controller with Fiber Optic Interface
  • V195 - 13-Slot, C-Size, VXI Bus Mainframe Chassis
  • V208 - 16-Bit, 100,000 Sample/sec ADC Subsystem Host for the V243 Modules
  • V243 - 96-Channel, Low-Level Signal Conditioner with 2-Pole Active Filters
  • V266 - 16, 32, or 64-Channel 16-bit DAC
  • V635 - 128-Channel Digital Input/Output

Aerospace Application Request

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your aerospace application in more detail with our engineering team. KineticSystems can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific aerospace application requirements.