cPCI/PXI 16-Bit ADC Module

The CP213 is a single-width, 6U, CompactPCI/PXI module with either 32 or 64 differential analog input channels that can alternately be configured under software control as 64 or 128 single-ended analog input channels. A 16-bit ADC scans each channel at a scan rate chosen by the user.

The number of channels scanned and scan rate are software selectable. Scans may be triggered from either the internal clock, one of eight PXI backplane triggers, the PXI star trigger bus or an external SMB connector on the module front panel. Single and continuous scan operations are supported. If single scan operation is chosen, an interrupt may be generated at the end of the scan.

cPCI/PXI 16-Bit ADC Module: CP213

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The CP213 has programmable gain that can be set on a channel-by-channel basis. Gains of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 are available. On-board calibration is available on each channel for end-to-end calibration. Optional fixed, 2-pole, passive filters are available in a 1, 2, 5 progression from 10 Hz to 1 kHz. Under software control, channels 1 and 33 may be configured as isothermal reference channels for temperature measurement applications.

In addition to the analog input channels, 16 multi-function digital I/O (TTL) channels are provided. Any of these channels may be configured as digital in, digital out, or selectively attached to 2 frequency in, 2 counter in, and/or 2 timer out channels.

cPCI/PXI Module Features

  • 32, 64 or 128 Channels of Analog Input
  • 16 Multi-Function Digital I/O (TTL) Channels Configurable as:
    • Digital In
    • Digital Out
    • Selectively Attached to:
      2 Frequency In, 2 Counter In, and/or 2 Timer Out Channels
  • 16-bit ADC Resolution
  • Programmable Gain per Channel
  • Programmable Scan Rates of <1 S/s through 100 kS/s
  • Optional 10 Hz to 1 kHz Low Pass Filters
  • Precision On-Board Reference for End-to-End Calibration
  • Programming-Free Operation with SoftView

cPCI/PXI Module Ordering Information

CP213 Products and Part Numbers
16-bit ADC 6U Single-Width cPCI/PXI Module,
with 16 Multi-Function Digital I/O (TTL) Channels,
and Analog Input Channels Configured with:
x = Total # of Channels, select one:
A = 32 Differential or
       64 Single-Ended

B = 64 Differential or
       128 Single-Ended
y = Filter Option, select one:
A = No Filters
B = 10 Hz Filters
C = 20 Hz Filters
D = 50 Hz Filters
E = 100 Hz Filters
F = 200 Hz Filters
G = 500 Hz Filters
H = 1 kHz Filters
z = Input Channel Type, select one:
B = Differential
C = Single-Ended