cPCI 16-Bit DAC Module

The CP266 is a single-width, 6U, CompactPCI module with 32 or 64, 16-bit analog output channels. These independent analog channels provide ±10V full-scale outputs. The channel update rate is 2ms, and each output is accurate to ±1mV.

The power-up state of the analog outputs can be set to independent user-defined values. Paired output signals are provided to eliminate ground offset effects. The analog outputs are available at a single 68-pin SCSI II shielded connector (32-channel option) or a pair of 68-pin SCSI II shielded connectors (64-channel option).

cPCI 16-Bit DAC Module: CP266

CP266 Data Sheet

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cPCI Module Features

  • 32 or 64 Independent Analog Output Channels
  • 16-bit Resolution
  • ±10V Full-Scale Output
  • Low Drift
  • Single Gain and Offset Adjustments
  • 2-Pole, Bessel Output Filter on Each Channel
  • Power-On Reset to 0V
  • Programming-Free Operation with SoftView

cPCI Module Ordering Information

CP266 Products and Part Numbers
32-Channel, 16-bit DAC, ±10V Output,
6U Single-Width cPCI Module
64-Channel, 16-bit DAC, ±10V Output,
6U Single-Width cPCI Module