cPCI Digital Input/Output Module

The C387 is a single-width, 6U, CompactPCI module with up to 256 digital input/output channels. The C387 base board supports 128 channels of TTL I/O. Four mezzanine card sites can be populated with other forms of digital I/O including isolated input, isolated output, relay output, AC switch output or differential I/O. The mezzanine card concept allows multiple digital I/O types to be configured within a single module to match the application requirements.

Pattern Recognition and Change Of State detection are included. Both operations can be used on the base card as well as span to the mezzanine channels. Input and output strobes are provided for connection to external sources. The digital inputs and outputs are available on 3 double stacked 68 position high density connectors.

cPCI Digital I/O Module: CP213

CP387 Data Sheet

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cPCI Module Features

  • Up to 256 Digital Input/Output Channels
  • 128 Channels of TTL I/O on Base Card
  • 4 Mezzanine Card Sites for Added I/O Capability Including:
    • TTL I/O
    • Differential I/O
    • Isolated Input
    • Isolated Output
    • Form "A" Relay Output
    • Form "C" Relay Output
    • AC Switch Output
  • Change Of State Recognition
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Input and Output Strobes
  • Programmable Contact-Bounce Suppression on Inputs
  • Programming-Free Operation with SoftView

cPCI Module Ordering Information

CP387 Products and Part Numbers
128 Channel TTL Digital I/O, 4 Open Mezzanine Sites,
6U Single-Width cPCI Base Board Module
CP387 Mezzanine Card Options
32 Channel TTL I/O
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 5V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 12V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 16V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 24V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 28V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 48V DC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Input, 120V AC
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Isolated Output
Mezzanine Card
24 Channel Form "A" Relay Output
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel Form "C" Relay Output
Mezzanine Card
24 Channel Differential Bi-Directional I/O
Mezzanine Card
16 Channel AC Switch Output
Mezzanine Card