cPCI/PXI Chassis Mainframe

The CP190 is a 1U rackmount 2-slot cPCI/PXI chassis mainframe that can accommodate 1 6U instrument with cPCI controller.

The CP190 has a built-in 200W power supply unit and features a guarded power switch and reset button.

cPCI/PXI Chassis Mainframe: CP190

CP190 Data Sheet

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US Prices Start at: $3,450

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cPCI/PXI Chassis Mainframe Features

  • 2 Slots Supporting 1 6U cPCI/PXI Instrument and cPCI Controller
  • 19" Rackmount, 1U Height with 80mm Rear I/O
  • PICMG 2.1 Hot Swap Compliant 64-bit 2-slot cPCI Backplane
  • 1 cPCI Segment, Lower-Side System Slot
  • Built-In 200W AC Input Power Supply
  • Guarded Power Switch and Reset Button

cPCI/PXI Chassis Mainframe Ordering Information

CP190 Products and Part Numbers
1U cPCI/PXI Rackmount Chassis,
2 - 6U Slots for cPCI/PXI Instrument & Controller,
200W PSU