Defense Data Acquisition Application Case Study

Defense Data Acquisition Applications

VXI DAQ System for Army Vehicle Simulator

Customer Case

The United States Army was looking to replace and upgrade an existing CAMAC-based system for vehicle simulations that was originally delivered by KineticSystems 10 years earlier.

KineticSystems Case Solution

KineticSystems developed a VXI-based data acquisition and control system for this vehicle-in-the-loop simulator. It is being used with a wide variety of U.S. Army vehicles, including tanks.

This vehicle motion simulator provides six-degree-of-freedom motion to reproduce the movement of any Army vehicle. The crew compartment can also be reconfigured to simulate the controls and firing mechanisms of those vehicles. The simulator is used for personnel-in-the-loop simulation, war exercises, crew station and component development, and crew workload/task performance studies. The data acquisition system records simulator motion data, operator performance and scenario events.

The data system includes 48 channels of analog-to-digital conversion, sampling in a range from one sample per second to 1,000 samples per second. The data can be taken in transient or continuous mode, and the system provides 4 megasamples of memory. There is also an 8-channel DAC/waveform generator that can be used to control the hydraulicactuators that move the crew compartment cage. This module includes a 2-port memory that is sampled at a programmed rate, allowing hours of digitized test-track data to be moved from the host-computer's hard disk. The 16 channels of isolated 5 Vdc and 28 Vdc digital inputs record data from the simulator, such as actions taken by the operator. The 16 digital outputs drive lights and annunciators within the crew cab. A time interval counter is also included to measure response times of the soldiers operating the vehicle.

With the KineticSystems DAQ Director software, this integrated system allows the test system designers the flexibility of changing their tests rapidly and efficiently with the available graphical programming tools. Signal conditioning as well as other hardware and software features can be added to the system to address future requirements. This will have no major impact on software development due to DAQ Director's ability to be easily reconfigured.

KineticSystems Case Recommended Products

The primary KineticSystems products used in this application are:

  • AC10 - DAQ Director Data Acquisition Software
  • 2962 - Grand Interconnect PCI Host Adapter
  • V160 - Grand Interconnect VXI Slot-0 Controller with Fiber Optic Interface
  • V195 - 13-Slot, C-Size, VXI Bus Mainframe Chassis
  • V207 - 16-Bit, 500,000 Sample/sec ADC Host for the V241 Modules
  • V241 - 96-Channel, High-Level Multiplexer
  • V285 - 8 or 16-Channel, 16-Bit, 500 kHz DAC Waveform Generator
  • V387 - 128-Channel Digital Input/Output
  • V625 - 6-Channel Time Interval Counter

Defense Application Request

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your defense application in more detail with our engineering team. KineticSystems can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific defense application requirements.