PXI Relay Multiplexer Module

The P580 is a double-width 3U PXI module that functions as a multiplexer. The P580 incorporates two independent differential analog paths that can be connected to any of 34 differential signal paths through the 68-position front panel mounted SCSI connector. Also, each path can be routed to any of the four SMB front panel mounted connectors. Switching sequences can be executed via individual calls to the Plug and Play Driver, or via the use of the Scanner Memory.

The Scanner Memory is used to define the switching of the P580. Once the scanner is enabled, the first Scanner Memory location is read by the P580 and the appropriate switch configuration is set. Once set, a trigger acknowledgement is sent through the Scanner Trigger Output configured in the Scanner Configuration Register.

PXI Relay Multiplexer Module: P580

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The switch selection remains until the scanner is signaled to increment to the next selection. The P580 can receive the increment signal from a PXI trigger line or an external trigger. Once the increment is received, the next switch selection is made and an acknowledgement sent. This continues until the End Of List bit is encountered in the Scanner Memory.

The Scanner Memory holds the various switch configuration steps in RAM. The contents of the memory inform the P580 as to which switch closures to make for the given step. The memory contains information regarding which front panel channel to connect to (Path A or Path B), and which front panel instrument to connect to (Path A or Path B). An End Of List (EOL) bit is used to indicate when the last element of the scanner memory has been accessed. Once the last memory element has been accessed with the EOL bit set, the next increment causes the cycle to repeat from the beginning. The P580 scanner memory can hold 1024 steps.

PXI Module Features

  • 34 Differential Input Channels that can be Multiplexed
    onto 2 Independent Analog Paths
  • 4 Front-Panel LEMO Connectors that can be Configured
    as Inputs or Outputs
  • Allows up to 4 External Instruments to be Switched
    into a Path via LEMO Connectors
  • Controls Switching Sequence via Plug-and-Play Drivers
    or Scanner Memory
  • Reduces Overall System Cost by Connecting up to
    34 Sensors to 1 Analog Input
  • Programming-Free Operation with SoftView

PXI Module Ordering Information

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34 Channel Relay Multiplexer,
3U Double-Width PXI Module