cPCI/PXI Data Acquisition & Control Instrumentation Software

KineticSystems supplies cPCI/PXI systems ranging from a few channels tethered to a computer to thousands of channels remotely distributed through Local Area Network (LAN) connections. Whether the cPCI/PXI instrumentation systems are fixed purpose for specific testing or require flexibility for handling multi-role data acquisition, KineticSystems provides the instrumentation software tools for expedient implementation.

cPCI/PXI DAQ System Software: SoftView SoftView

The KineticSystems soft front panel application SoftView is included with each instrument, which integrates KineticSystems entire line of cPCI/PXI instruments into a single software utility. With SoftView, you can evaluate all instrument functionality, coordinate multi-instrument synchronization, store configurations, record data directly to disk storage and retreive acquired data all without writing any code!

Software: Software Development Kits Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Each KineticSystems instrument is delivered with a full set of VISA compliant Plug and Play (PnP) drivers to easily integrate into a new or existing cPCI/PXI installation. The software distribution also includes a complete set of example code in C, LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW to illustrate the program flow required to utilize the instruments. These examples can be used as the foundation to build a specific application or used as-is for instrument diagnostics.

Astronics Test Systems ActivATE Software Astronics Test Systems ActivATE Test Platform Development Environment

All KineticSystems cPCI/PXI instruments are fully supported in the Astronics Test Systems ActivATE Test Platform Development Environment. The Astronics Test Systems ActivATE Test Platform is both a runtime and development environment for automatic test equipment and factory floor automation. ActivATE test software has been used in both commercial and military applications with tremendous success. Deployed worldwide, this software has been used to test a wide range of units under test (UUT's), from heat-seeking guidance sections to micro-processors. ActivATE test software allows the test engineer to focus on software testing and not the test environment design.